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Joun Sun Garinagu

Joun Sun Garinagu

In , two Spanish ships carrying Nigerian slaves floundered and sank off the coast of St. Vincent. The slaves that survived and swam ashore found shelter in the existing Carib Indian settlements. Over the next century and a half, the two peoples intermixed, intermarried and eventually fused into a single culture, the Black Caribs or Garinagu.

 · The colors yellow, white, and black represent the sun, peace, and pride of the Garinagu people. The Garifuna make up about 7% of the Belize population. Dishes: The Garifuna dishes comprises mainly of fish, cassava, and plantains prepared in a variety of ways. Below are few pictures.

Guatemala – Garinagu. Aban tatürü waporu Ruadun Huliligati yagüta ubou baranaha luagu loubadina habiebararugu merigen yarafa lun laru duna huliligati, aban tanügü waporu to 4, hamoun 5, karibe wuritiña (Garinagu) Seni baididigie hayabi lau sun tuma Granadinasgie. Añahein irahünü, hiñariñu, wügüriña hama weiñaña mutu Estimated Reading Time: 30 secs.

 · Amidst the challenging socioeconomic realities of Garifuna communities and the constraints of Garifuna leadership to collectively define, promote and pursue development opportunities for their people, the annual revelry that defines Garifuna Settlement Day has served to reaffirm among Garinagu their cultural survival against all odds throughout the two centuries that they have lived in .

Garinagu Lun Awanseruni of Chicago, Inc,. S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL E-mail: [email protected]

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